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  • The Wagyu was beyond belief, exquisite. There was great argument about whether the Wagyu was better than the Grange, it was in that class.

    Martin Customer Ballan Butcher, Vic
  • As a chef I aim to work with farmers that care about their work, the land and the animals. Generous and hospitable people that are always willing to help. Transparent! I have known and worked with Vicki and Nick for years, we are proud to have them on our menus.

    Guy Grossi, Grossi Restaurants
  • We have been supplied Sher Wagyu beef at our restaurants Ezard and Gingerboy for over a decade. We have found that the quality of marbling is very consistent and it’s a magnificent product to be using in our kitchens.

    Teage Ezard, Ezard & Gingerboy
  • I have been sourcing beef from the Sher family for 5 years now, and I believe that the distinct flavour profiles and texture in their Sher F1 Wagyu and fullblood are unparalleled. The consistency and quality of the beef make Sher, in my opinion, one of Australia’s leading beef producers.

    Tom Ward, Executive Chef, Steer Dining Room
  • Black label porterhouse from the one & only Sher Wagyu. Amazing quality and marbling, it’s like cutting butter.

    Kellys Meats, Cranbourne
  • Sher Wagyu’s great quality and flavors comes from Nick and Vicki’s great work and we have always been a big fan of their products. We are proud to use Sher Wagyu in both Kanpai Classic restaurants in Shanghai.  Our Kanpai Classic in Shanghai is the first Yakiniku restaurant to receive a Michelin Star.

    Soji Hirade, Chariman, Kanpai Co, Taiwan & China
  • Nick & Vicki Sher are true Australian artisans, their amazing F1 & Fullblood Wagyu is so consistent in taste, texture & marbling, it’s a real dining experience. I have been using their product for over 12 years now & I am privileged to cook with it every day and see my happy guests enjoy the full flavoured, melt in your mouth Sher Wagyu experience.

    Chef Chris Wade, Steak Ministry Bar & Grill
  • It’s a privilege to sell the award winning Sher Wagyu.

    Neils Meats, Prahran Market
  • I’ve been using Sher Wagyu in my restaurants for over 12yrs and its some of the best meat I use. It’s great working with a small family producer with a passion for their cattle and beef they produce.

    Scott Pickett, Estelle Bistro, Estelle by Scott Pickett, Saint Crispin
  • At DeBragga we believe in forging relationships with great companies. Our motto is “A Tradition of Excellence”. That excellence only can happen if we build great partnerships. Our relationship with Sher Wagyu certainly exemplifies that. Sher Wagyu believes passionately in the humane care of their animals as well as in great stewardship of the land. They are also a great family. We are proud to be partnering with Sher since 2007!

    Marc Sarrazin, CEO & President, DeBragga & Spitler Inc. New York
  • A company called Sher Wagyu does some really special product-intense marbling and flavour.

    Chef Jeffrey Stout, Orchard City Kitchen, California
  • John would like to place another order with you! He can't wait till Christmas haha, said he can't eat any other meat now!

    Meredith S, PA for John M, Noosa
  • I low, slow, smoked one of the Briskets today. All I can say is 'Wow', it was fantastic. This was the best Brisket we have done so far, incredible. It was moist, tender and incredibly flavor some.

    David Hunt, Hectors Smokehouse
  • Just to let you know your piece of 9+ wagyu was excellent, it was probably the best I have had in Australia. My family go round the world chasing steaks and my kids all voted that yours was the best they have had here!!  We have steaks in this household at least once in a fortnight! Thanks again for selling me such a fine piece and we look forward to many many more.

    Philip C, Melbourne
  • We had the best steak ever I'd ever tasted for dinner last night and certainly looking forward to the next time we have it. I will certainly be suggesting the Sher Wagyu in my travels with chefs & restaurants.

    Luke F, Melbourne
  • Just a quick thank you to for what you do and how brilliantly you do it. Having recently enjoyed (understatement!) your Wagyu beef products at Steer Bar and Grill in South Yarra I wanted to say thank you on behalf of myself and my dinner guests. Simply Stunning.

    Steve K, Melbourne
  • I tried one of your amazing scotch fillets +9 marbling at a restaurant in Melbourne not long ago and it was magic. I'm not a retailer or wholesaler just a fan of your beef.

    Tony X, Adelaide
Awarded Life Membership in 2015 to Australian Wagyu Association

National Delicious Produce Awards : 2009 – 2019