Sher Wagyu Breeding

Sher Wagyu is one of Australia’s foundation Wagyu herds

Nick and Vicki Sher calved the first Purebred Wagyu embryo calf in Australia on February 11, 1992. Sher Wagyu’s Fullblood herd is based at Ballan, central Victoria.

The Sher Wagyu Fullblood cattle are based on the three main Japanese bloodlines of Tajima, Fujiyoshi and Kedaka. The Tajima bloodline is based on the Yasumi doi and Kikunori doi lines.

All Sher Wagyu Fullblood cattle are traceable back to their Japanese ancestors and are DNA registered with pedigrees of sires & dams kept on the AWA data base.

As well as producing Fullblood heifers & steers for meat production this herd also produces the Fullblood bulls for the famous Sher Wagyu Crossbred Wagyu x Holstein F1 herd and higher percentage F2 & F3 crossbred herds.


Sher Wagyu Bull Hall of Fame

Red Gum Hill ShogunRGCPM080 - DOB 11/02/1992
KikushigeJVP046E - DOB 11/08/1995
Sher MuraiSWSFT032 - DOB 04/03/1998
Sher OhmaeSWSFT044 - DOB 18/03/1998
Sher ShigesuzuSWSFA027 - DOB 09/02/2005
Sher MichisuhiraSWSFA306 - DOB 22/10/2005
Sher ZurushigeSWSFB119 - DOB 12/08/2006