Sher Wagyu Calf Rearing

Wagyu x Holstein are the traditional Japanese F1  cross

Wagyu x Holstein calves: Beefcorp contracts with approved dairy farmers to use Sher Wagyu Fullblood bulls or semen over their Holstein heifers or cows. Calves are either reared by the dairy farmer or collected by Beefcorp’s dedicated team of calf rearers at a week of age.

Calves are reared under the Beefcorp Quality Rearing System, supervised by Brendan Greene, Beefcorp Calf Production Manager. This system is designed to reduce calf stress and ensure that their nutritional and animal husbandry needs are met.

Rearing is a vital stage to ensure excellent rumen development, so that calves can move onto grazing in optimum health. The calves leave the rearers at around 4 months of age when they are ready to move onto grazing properties.

Both male and female calves are used for beef production.

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Fullblood & Crossbred calves are raised on their mothers in the paddocks until weaning at around 6 months of age. At this time male fullblood calves are either selected to be retained and grown out as bulls or become steers for beef production.

The female calves are either selected to be retained as future breeders or go into the beef production herd.

After weaning the calves selected for beef production continue grazing on pastures until about 18 months of age before entering the ration feeding stage.


Beefcorp has been working with dairy farmers
to produce Wagyu x Holstein calves since 1996.