Sher Wagyu Feedlot

A specially formulated gentle, slow growth Japanese style barley-based ration.

After the grazing stage Fullblood & Crossbred cattle are moved into our new state of the art feedlot “Palm Grove” Finley,  NSW (Riverina).

Cattle are fed an exclusive, specially formulated barley-based ration for 400+ days for crossbreds and 500+ days for fullbloods.

This is a Japanese style, gentle, slow-growth ration to ensure optimum health of the cattle. The ration is all natural ingredients, free from antibiotics, growth hormones and GM ingredients.

Nick & Jack Sher work closely with an expert animal nutritionist to formulate the rations.

The nutrionally balanced rations consist of hay, barley, and other ingredients such as oat husks, wheat mill run and canola meal . These are by-products of human food production, so it is a very good use of these by-products that otherwise would be wasted.

Very importantly it is this nutritionally balanced ration that develops marbling and the unique Sher Wagyu flavour,  and ensures a consistent quality product all year round.

The feedlot provides complete care for the cattle, with access to food, water and shade at all times and with plenty of room for each animal to move around or sit & relax.

The feedlots are accredited under the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS).

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The ration develops marbling & flavor creating a consistent product all year round.