Sher Wagyu Processing

Sher Wagyu cattle are kept separate to ensure
product integrity and traceability

The cattle are processed fortnightly or weekly at G & K O’Connors Pty Ltd, Packenham. Cattle are kept separate to ensure product integrity and traceability.

Cattle are processed at 30-33 months of age at liveweight 700-800kg. Carcasse weights 400-450kg.

Carcasses are hung for 48 hours prior to assessment & grading by an independent AUS-MEAT grader for marble score, meat colour, fat colour and eye muscle area. Cuts are individually cryovacced prior to packing in cartons after a final inspection of packaged meat.

Either Nick Sher or Darren Smith, Beefcorp Production Manager, are present at every grading and boning production to ensure the product right through to the cartons.

Sher Wagyu beef is Halal Certified
Processed at G & K O’Connor, Pakenham, est 1265
Beefcorp International is a licensed Non Packer Exporter – AQIS licence 2080.


Sher Wagyu is processed to the highest international standards and is Halal certified.