Sher Wagyu Quality Assurance

Ensuring Quality Control & Product Integrity.

Sher beef is the product of the fully monitored Beefcorp production system with a feeding program developed to ensure consistent high quality. Cattle are fed rations free from antibiotics, GMO ingredients and growth hormones. We may administer antibiotics if an animal is unwell and needs therapeutic antibiotics for its welfare.

The grazing, feedlot and processing facilities all operate under independently audited quality assurance programs to ensure quality control and product integrity.


National Livestock ID System 3MBLJ053

Calves are tagged at birth with electronic identification and are registered on the Australian National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) database with lifetime traceability. Whole of life data from date of birth, breeding, animal treatments, stock movements, weights and carcass data are recorded on all cattle.


Livestock Production Assurance

Beefcorp’s unique production system ensures the cattle are raised under the highest standards of animal husbandry. Comprehensive feeding and paddock records are maintained.


Feedlot – NFAS No: 347

Feedlots are accredited with the NLAS: National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme.
The cattle are grain fed for 400+ days on Beefcorp’s specially formulated, all natural, Japanese style ration.


AUSMEAT– Establishment No: 1265
& Non-Packer Exporter No. 2080

Cattle are processed at G & K O’Connors, Pakenham, Victoria. Ausmeat Establishment No:1265. Processing is supervised by AQIS veterinarians (Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service) and audited by Ausmeat.


Food Safety Management System HACCP – Certificate No: DTS17/0109

Storage – Establishment No: 17. Product is kept chilled in an export registered storage facility maintained under AQIS supervision.


PrimeSafe Licence No: P01167

Beefcorp is commited to food safety and product quality. A HACCP food safety program for storage and distribution audited by DTS and licensed by PrimeSafe, Victoria.


AQIS – Establishment No: 1256, Non Packer Exporter No: 2080.


Halal Certified

G & K O’Connors, Packenham, Victoria, Establishment No. 1265 is Hala Certified by ICCV


True Aussie Beef

Proudly bred, grown, processed and packed in Australia

Independently audited at all stages of production to ensure product integrity & traceability