Farming & Environment

Animal welfare and sustainable
farming practices are priorities.

Cattle are raised under the highest standards of animal husbandry in both the grazing and feeding stages, as only happy healthy cows can produce the finest beef. Cattle are kept in their herd groups through the feeding and transport stages, ensuring industry best practices are implemented at all stages with low stress cattle handling.

Farms are run under sustainable systems with wise water usage, maintenance of organic matter and perennial pastures, and natural fertilisers. Ongoing tree planting programs have resulted in over 12,000 trees planted on the Ballan home farm, creating shelter for cattle and pastures, enhancing biodiversity providing wildlife corridors and capturing carbon.

Cattle are HGP free (Hormone Growth Promotant free), and fed only natural ingredients free from antibiotics & free from growth hormones.

The Feedlot is accredited under the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) ensuring animal welfare and environmental requirements are met. Cattle are kept in their social groups throughout the feeding stage, have plenty of room, and always have access to water and feed. Manure from the feedlot is collected and composted for reuse as fertiliser.

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Happy healthy animals produce the finest beef