Sher Wagyu Marbling & Grading

Sher Wagyu beef is assessed for marbling and meat quality
by independent graders accredited by Ausmeat

Marbling. Marbling is the fine textured fat contained within the muscle . It enhances flavour, juiciness and tenderness. Wagyu marbling is unique and different to other cattle breeds due to its lower melting point and higher ratios of mono-unsaturated to saturated fats.

Selected genetics plus the way animals are raised and fed contribute to the level of marbling and flavor . Higher marbling will be a richer eating experience.

Marbling is graded on a scale of 0-9 in the Ausmeat grading system. The Japanese grading system goes up to 12.   Sher Wagyu bodies well above MS 9 are graded as MS 9+.

Grading. Sher Wagyu beef is assessed by independent Ausmeat accredited graders for marble score (MS), meat colour and fat colour.

Bodies are graded between the 12/13th rib.   This is the site between the striploin and the ribeye.

All cuts from a body are then packed under that grade , even though different muscles lay down different levels & fineness of marbling. For example, a MS 9 striploin will have a higher level of marbling than the Eye of Rump from the same body.

Wagyu marbling is unique with a higher ratio of mono-unsaturated fats